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Positive Grid Bias Head Powered
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BIAS Head Processor, verstärkter Kopf für Gitarre und Bass - Amp Design-Funktion (Erstellen Sie einfach den Verstärker Ihrer Träume durch Anpassen jedes seiner Elemente) - Amp Match-Funktion (erfassen Sie den Klang eines beliebigen Verstärkers, um ein originalgetreues Modell zu erstellen und nach Belieben editierbar zu machen!) - Tone Cloud-Funktion (teile deine Kreationen und lade Hunderte von Templates kostenlos im Internet herunter) - Bias-Amp-Software enthalten - Neu: 9 Arten von Reverbs - MIDI-Funktionen (In / Out / Thru) - USB- und Bluetooth-Verbindung - Effektschleife - Symmetrische (XLR) und unsymmetrische Line-Ausgänge (Buchsen) - Kopfhörerausgang - Abmessungen: 31,4 x 19 x 15,3 cm - Gewicht: 5,3 kg.

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SET for Inclusion: An Underlying Methodology fo...
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One of the biggest challenges for organizations over the past 40 years has been integrating inclusiveness into practical, day-to-day leadership. In the authors´ first book, The Inclusion Dividend, they made the case for inclusive leadership as a measurable asset to an organization; it shows up in the bottom line and in other measurable results. In SET for Inclusion, Donovan and Kaplan take that one step further by guiding leaders through the application of a framework to lead inclusively. The authors discuss the current research on unconscious bias and insider-outsider dynamics and focus on how to translate that current research into best practice for leaders. SET for Inclusion follows the stories of three diverse characters in a large modern organization - a top executive, a middle manager, and an individual contributor. Each of these characters is working to make inclusiveness real, to provide tangible benefits for them as individuals and for the organization. These characters and their stories reflect the authors´ 45 years of experience in working with middle- and senior-level managers in a variety of Fortune 1000 companies. The characters´ experiences, going from self-awareness to action, will be very familiar to leaders in large domestic and global organizations. They will provide an important, step-by-step template for leaders who are interested in creating and leveraging diversity and inclusion within their organizations. 1. Language: English. Narrator: Tavia Gilbert. Audio sample: Digital audiobook in aax.

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