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Praying the Promises of God for Daily Blessings...
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Learn how to pray God´s word back to him and see the devil flee The word of God is the most potent force of our spiritual warfare. It doesn´t matter how fierce the battle we find ourselves are, the word of God will always work. Jesus gave us a template for dealing with the devil from his encounter with Satan on the mount. Three times he said, ´´It is written.´´ ´´It is written,´´ that is, declaring the word of God in the face of the situation and circumstance remains the smartest thing for us to do to win the battles we face every day. Learn to stand on what God has said about your life, marriage, career, and family and continue to pray and declare the Scriptures. At first, it might look like you´re deceving yourself, but in reality, you are winning the battle. This book will guide you with simple and easy steps to pray the Scriptures and manifest the victory and blessings and God in your life. 1. Language: English. Narrator: Matthew J Chandler-Smith. Audio sample: Digital audiobook in aax.

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