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The Mind Is the Map: Awareness Is the Compass, ...
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Not just a self improvement book - a journey toward self mastery & emotional intelligenceA good self help book includes inspiration, motivation, solid advice, personal knowledge, solid scientific facts, and the knowledge that to change lives you need an audiobook that lives long after listening to it is done, by providing the help needed to continue to make positive changes. That’s exactly what you will find in the book, The Mind is The Map by Christina Reeves and Dimitrios Spanos. This audiobook provides experiential wisdom to some very big questions. ´´Why do I do what I do and why do I keep doing that? How often do I react to people and situations based on old habits of perceiving, thinking, feeling, and behaving? Are we here to live passive lives, using the old programmed templates of our ancestors, or can we really create our own lives?´´Many of us are unaware of the hidden mechanism within us that creates depression, anxiety, unhappiness, difficulty changing habits, low self-esteem, relationship problems, frustration, anger and disappointment, even though it’s happening all the time, in all of us. We need to understand the law of attraction as it relates to our life force energy to create positive thinking that supports personal growth and development. To live freely, we need to live our lives with emotional intelligence, untangling our self from who we think we are. So much of living a full and happy life is about knowing ourselves. In an enjoyable dialog format, the authors guide us to higher levels of understanding who we are. At the end of each chapter is a self-help section with tips and tools for self-discovery, self-reflection, journaling and meditation that enable readers to understand the workings of their mind. The questions help identify our patterns and provide a pathway to resolve depression, anxiety, stress and unproductive habits while simultaneous 1. Language: English. Narrator: Larry D Peterson. Audio sample: Digital audiobook in aax.

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The Ten-Minute Trainer
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The Ten-Minute Trainer Do you want to create a lot of training in a little time? Do you wonder how to involve your learners without wasting their time, or yours? Do you want to use your training time wisely and well? The Ten-Minute Trainer is just what you need. Written for the busy training professional, this practical, grab-it-and-go book will show you how to design and deliver effective training programs in less time and with increased learner retention. Based on two major concepts-shorter segments of instruction are better than longer ones, and learners remember more when they are involved in the learning-this book provides 150 quick, high-energy ways to involve your learners without sacrificing content. This timely resource will also help you organize your training time so that your learners get the most from your instruction. With The Ten-Minute Trainer as your guide, you will be able to: * Choose from 140 ´´Got a Minute?´´ activities proven to help learners review, repeat, and remember important information * Use 10 short ´´Take Five!´´ games to RAP up the learning-Reinforce, Apply, and Practice-so that learning is moved rapidly into long-term memory * Soak up ordinarily wasted instructional minutes with 30 Time Sponges such as Quick Starts, Take a Break, and Early to Finish activities * Apply 2 powerful instructional tools-the Learning Compass and Training Map-to shorten your training design and delivery time * Include 4 ´´Get a CLUE!´´ elements to increase motivation and memory * Use 5 Power-Hour Training Templates to create a custom training session on any topic, for any size group, and any age learner * Change your concept of training time as you use small but mighty seconds and minutes in creative, interesting, and memorable ways * Become a more time-efficient training professional and be able to explain the what, why, and how of it all to your training colleagues Sharon Bowman, a thirty-year veteran teacher and trainer and author of seven popular training and motivation books, welcomes you into her world of fast-paced, shorter-is-better, high-energy, ´´teach it quick and make it stick´´ training! ´´The Ten-Minute Trainer is an awesome guide for anyone who wants to spark engagement and learning. Its nuggets of wisdom, creative suggestions, and reader-friendly format make it a perfect resource for promoting effective training. Thank you Sharon!´´ -Mel Silberman, author, 101 Ways to Make Training Active and Training the Active Training Way

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