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Most NPR listeners have experienced at least one ´´driveway moment´´: You’re so captivated by a story, interview, or essay you’re hearing on the radio that you sit in your driveway, motor running, to hear it all the way through. Even if the ice cream is melting in the trunk. The latest collection of this best-selling series features memorable tales, bits, and commentary from NPR favorites, regulars, and guests. Smartly chosen, sincerely hilarious, this collection will leave you in stitches. Contents: Joan Rivers: ´´Outrageous and Outspoken as Ever´´ Harry Shearer: ´´Now You See It´´ Harry Shearer: ´´Sammy the Flame-Resistant Salmon´´ ´´Comedy Writing: How to Be Funny´´ ´´The (Wacky) World According to John Hodgman´´ ´´At Climate Conference, Hot Air Reigns´´ ´´Dave Barry´s Science Fair Tricks´´ Brian Williams on Wait Wait...Don’t Tell Me! ´´Snoring Does Not Get in the Way of Love´´ ´´Kevin Kling Returns´´ Carol Burnett: ´´Still Glad For ´This Time Together´´ ´´Tim Conway Delivers Laughs Without an Apology´´ ´´Mehlman´s Famous Actors Tour of Los Angeles´´ ´´A Rejection Letter Template´´ ´´What´s America´s Funniest Joke?´´ Robert Earl Keen Plays ´´Not My Job´´ ´´Bob and Ray, Masters of the Subtle Spoof´´ ´´Powerball Dreams´´ ´´Jane Lynch, TV’s New Queen of Mean´´ ´´Wedding Season Can Be Trying´´ ´´My Child, the Prodigy - and Other Punch Lines´´ ´´Advice for New Fathers´´ Tom Bodett: ´´You´ve Been Warned´´ 1. Language: English. Narrator: Robert Krulwich. Audio sample: Digital audiobook in aax.

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