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You´re Invited!
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Invitations provide the perfect personal touch for everything from private events to opening nights. You´re Invited! is the definitive guide to this versatile and charming medium. We all love to be invited. The wedding of a relative; a friend´s garden party; the launch of a new fashion label. Whether private party or corporate affair, a special occasion deserves a special invitation. You´re Invited! provides alluring invitations fashioned with hand-lettering techniques, fine paper choices, innovative printing methods, and more. Carefully crafted, the examples within span the spectrum from the whimsical to the elegant: a wedding invitation takes inspiration from the board game Jumanji with a detail of dice inviting all to join the adventure of matrimony; Rifle Paper Co. designs notepads to shoes with the owner´s own wedding being the catalyst for her creative business venture; and Aurora Creative Studio thrives on creativity and eschews templates. Brands are allowed a freedom of expression through the intimate nature of an invitation. Clients enjoy receiving tokens from corporate affairs or garden parties. Friends treasure a handmade reminder for years to come. You´re Invited! welcomes you to open, and even push, the envelope.

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30 Day Keto Challenge: The Official 30 Day Keto...
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The keto diet is having a moment, and you might be wondering whether the hype is real. Is it really possible to lose all that weight by switching to a high-fat diet? What about all of the terrible things we’ve heard about fat for the past few decades?Well, by taking on a 30-day keto challenge, you can see for yourself how cutting carbs out of your diet and leaning more heavily on protein and fat can lead to the weight loss you’ve always wanted. You’ll burn fat, you’ll eat great food, you’ll feel wonderful, and you won’t suffer from the hunger pangs of other diets. In other words, you’ll change your life for the better.You’ll be invited to create your own 30-day keto challenge that is exciting, delicious, and tailored to your life and tastes. You’ll never be bored because you’ll have the power to choose your meals and eat what most appeals to you.In just three chapters, you’ll get all of the following:A brief and easy-to-understand explanation of the keto diet and why it worksAn honest look at what you can expect during your 30-day challengeTips on how to get organized before you start your keto dietSimple math equations based on a standard keto breakdown so that you can figure out how many grams of fat, protein, and carbs you should eat per dayInformation on intermittent fasting and how it can enhance a keto dietAdvice on dealing with some of the early-on side effects of the keto diet like dehydration and fatigue50 delicious, simple-to-make recipes broken down into breakfast, lunch, snack, and dinnerNutritional info for each recipe so that you don’t have to do any of the math on your ownA 30-day keto challenge template that you can adapt to your lifestyleBy the end of this guide, you’ll be empowered to start your own keto journey. The recipes range from simple omelets to more complex dishes like keto chili and salm 1. Language: English. Narrator: Ronald Hillman. Audio sample: Digital audiobook in aax.

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