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Fool Proof Outline: A No-Nonsense System for Pr...
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Build an outstanding outline every time! Fool Proof Outline can help anyone quickly go from idea to first draft. How? By elaborating parts of a story that matter most to you and your readers By offering an organizational system that keeps your head clutter-free By taking the fear and frustration out of writing Fool Proof Outline is filled with just the right amount of brainstorming prompts, both challenging you to engage readers emotionally and propelling your novel toward completion. Character, plot, and scene questionnaires are also included to keep you focused one step at a time. Even the most seasoned writer will appreciate Fool Proof Outline, yet it offers an ease-of-use that will benefit writers of every level. Here´s the link to the Fool Proof Outline in both Scrivener and Excel: If you´ve been considering Scrivener, this is a wonderful place to start! You´ll also get access to the Fool Proof Outline´s online site, where you can ask questions and share your success. No registration necessary. The Fool Proof Outline is the result of an incredible evolution far beyond my earlier outline template, The Ultimate Novel Template. Those familiar with that early version will shout with joy at the improvements. I do! 1. Language: English. Narrator: Nathan Agin. Audio sample: Digital audiobook in aax.

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Design Patterns in ABAP Objects
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Use design patterns to step up your object-oriented ABAP game, starting with MVC! Want to create objects only when needed? Call objects only when required, minimizing runtime and memory costs? Reduce errors and effort by only coding an object once? Future-proof your code with a flexible design? Design patterns are the answer! With this guide, you´ll get practical examples for every design pattern that will have you writing readable, flexible, and reusable code in no time! Creational Design Patterns Create objects with the abstract factor, builder, factory, lazy initialization, multiton, prototype, and singleton design patterns Structural Design Patterns Allow objects to interact and work together without interdependency with the adapter, bridge, composite, data access object, decorator, façade, flyweight, property container, and proxy design patterns. Behavioral Design Patterns Increase the flexibility of your object communication with the chain of responsibility, command, mediator, memento, observer, servant, state, strategy, template method, and visitor design patterns. Highlights: MVC (model, view, controller) pattern Singleton pattern Factory pattern Builder pattern Observer pattern Visitor pattern Lazy initialization pattern Template method Strategy pattern Decorator pattern ABAP-specific examples Anti-patterns

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