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Nature and the Human Soul: Cultivating Wholenes...
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Addressing the pervasive longing for meaning and fulfillment in this time of crisis, Nature and the Human Soul introduces a visionary ecopsychology of human development that reveals how fully and creatively we can mature when soul and wild nature guide us. Depth psychologist and wilderness guide Bill Plotkin presents a model for a human life span rooted in the cycles and qualities of the natural world, a blueprint for individual development that ultimately yields a strategy for cultural transformation. With evocative language and personal stories, including those of elders Thomas Berry and Joanna Macy, this book defines eight stages of human life - Innocent, Explorer, Thespian, Wanderer, Soul Apprentice, Artisan, Master, and Sage - and describes the challenges and benefits of each. Plotkin offers a way of progressing from our current egocentric, aggressively competitive, consumer society to an ecocentric, soul-based one that is sustainable, cooperative, and compassionate. At once a primer on human development and a manifesto for change, Nature and the Human Soul fashions a template for a more mature, fulfilling, and purposeful life - and a better world. 1. Language: English. Narrator: Matthew Josdal. Audio sample: Digital audiobook in aax.

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One More Breath (eBook, ePUB)
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Lynette Chennell delivers a compelling, multifaceted narrative that goes well beyond the recounting of her childhood traumas. Disturbed by something haunting, wailing from the very depths of her soul, she journeys through the dark tunnels of her hidden inner world to unearth its source. Her expedition becomes a spiritual quest and a rite of passage. Poetic and well written, Lynette?s poignant story, laced with wry humour and personal observances, takes us from her earliest memories of being battered and abused as a child, through the wreckage of her broken adult life, to ultimately show that deliverance is in our own hands. We alone are responsible for wrestling free from the grip of those things that have wounded our hearts and ensnared our minds, regardless of how complete our degradation, or how that came to be. Yet the voyage is never taken alone. Grace and the unseen hand of ?Life? are always at our side. One More Breath has the power to offer hope and healing. It is both spiritual assistance and a template for change. What lies hurt and hidden deep within, exiled and unloved, can be brought back from the shadowlands. Restoration of wholeness is possible. Forgiveness, the final path to freedom.

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